Welcome to Future NanoCoatings

Welcome to Future NanoCoatings - Future NanoCoatings

Future NanoCoatings is a spin-off from the University of Porto project that aims to R&D nanomaterials-based coatings in partnership with industry.



The goal is to develop non-toxic and sustainable solutions for the coating of natural construction materials such as wood, cork, stone, composites, foams, leathers, etc.




These NanoCoatings give them hydrophobic properties, phosphorescent, flame retardants, UV protection, among others, giving them innovative and unique properties and prolonging the life of the materials.

Future NanoCoatings Advantage

Future NanoCoatings Advantage - Future NanoCoatings

The products developed by Future NanoCoatings create a stable functional coating on the surface of the material modifying their properties and thereby giving it new improved features.


The solutions provided by Future NanoCoatings still have many advantages compared to alternative solutions, since the applied products form a chemical bond with the surface of the material where they are applied and, therefore, more durable.


Future NanoCoatings do not change the look and the natural touch of the material and are non-toxic with a sustainable production from the environmental and human point of view.

Strategic market option/ Climate Impact

Strategic market option/ Climate Impact - Future NanoCoatings

The current strategic market option for Future NanoCoatings is to focus on cork based materials.


Although this option was majority based on an economical study, the current environmental concerns about climate change was also into consideration. Indeed, every effort to increase the use of cork is a contribution to reduce climate change. Cork is made from the bark of oak trees, i.e. they are not cut down, and harvested cork trees absorb about 4 times more carbon dioxide than nonharvested trees. One ton of cork is able to sequester 2 tons of carbon dioxide, and the cork oak forests worldwide sequester 14.4 million tones/year.


Moreover, as a material, cork is a biodegradable and recyclable material. Cork oak trees show high resistance to forest fires and heat and this protection extends to the soil itself increasing the resistance to desertification.

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Future NanoCoatings Moto

Future NanoCoatings Moto - Future NanoCoatings


“Enjoy natural construction materials without health risks”